AdventureLife coaching

My clients are the bravest, boldest, most red-blooded people on the planet because they are willing to be vulnerable and look closely at themselves.  They are seeking.  They don't want to go it alone.  And they intend to take action.  

It's not easy work for anybody.  Adventure is available for everybody.

I am here to help people bridge the gap between where they currently are and where they want to go.  As a lifelong advocate of adventure, from the boundlessly exciting process of self awareness to 200 mile hikes in the Andes mountains to risking complete and total love for individual people to learning how to cook exotic food to approaching a potential mentor to keeping a daily journal to learning an instrument to writing a book, I believe there is great wisdom in identifying action with adventure.

As we begin to see life as a marvelous adventure, the smallest movements gain extraordinary power.

The AdventureLife is within.  

Let's explore with eyes wide open.  


What's on the Horizon

  • (3) 60 mins. sessions/ month

  •  3 mos./ 6 mos./ 12 mos. options
  • unlimited accountability partnership
  • unlimited email communication
  • optional reading and journaling assignments for review
  • optional yoga and meditation instruction
2016.  Cape Cod, MA.

2016.  Cape Cod, MA.



I'm a Dad.  A Husband.  A Seeker.  
An AdventureLife Coach.  

I serve adventurous people seeking to be beautiful and awesome and the best possible version of themselves.